Ask a Chef: What's Your Earliest Food Memory?

"Finishing cooking my own eggs at five years old after my mother was pulled away from the stove by a phone call. I was proudly eating them as she returned with a scream, realizing what she had done." –Mark Franz, Farallon Restaurant, San Francisco

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Eye Candy: Incredible, Edible Eggs

A chef fries up some hen eggs at a dinner featuring UpStairs on the Square's Susan Regis, Steven Brand, Maria Santos, and Matthew Paul Reiser. You can see more photos of their dinner by clicking here.

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Recipe: Bacon and Egg

Pork bellyEvan Percoco served this delicious take on the classic bacon and eggs at his dinner at the Beard House. With braised pork belly and a deep-fried poached egg, this dish is a protein-heavy comfort food for the breakfast lover in all of us. Bao Ong, one of our kitchen volunteers, attended the dinner, and cited this dish as the most memorable component of chef Percoco's menu. You can read Bao's account of the dinner here.

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