Tweet Eats: The Final Five

gavel_427x318 Without further ado, here are our five finalists. The competition was fierce and the voting never slowed. We’ve got five great sounding recipes. We hope our judges like seafood! We’ll be preparing each dish on Friday and on Monday the 24th we’ll announce our winner. Be sure to check out the final standings. Was there a recipe you wanted to see in the finals that didn’t make the cut? Tell us about it in the comments below. Want to test out these recipes for yourself? Be sure to let us know how it goes! @CMFoster23 10quahogs,steam,chop/ chopchorizo,onion,greenpepper,saute 1/4#butter, add quahog,clam stock,ritz crumbs, putinshells, bake10@400 @Maskren SEAR>1TclrfdBttr+CScallps+dashSlt/Ppr~WSK>2T:

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