Eye Candy: Icewine–Pear Granité

pear granite Chef Jason Parsons surprised guests with this extra course at last Thursday's Beard House dinner. He combined pear juice and icewine to create a tart granité, and garnished the intermezzo with flower petals, gold flakes, and a delicate twig from an icewine vine. See more photos of Parsons's elegant menu here. (Photo by Geoff Mottram)

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Eye Candy: Seasons of Québec

Cranberry granité For an interlude between braised veal cheeks and goat cheese crème brûlée, Judith Laflamme served a crisp intermezzo of tea–infused cranberry granité doused with Champagne. Take a look at more photos of the chef's contemporary Québécois dinner. (Photo by Tom Kirkman)

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