Eat this Word: Eggnog

eggnogWHAT? Holiday spirit. Decking the halls, singing carols, and supping on yuletide fare can render a reveler somewhat parched. Enter eggnog, a seemingly harmless holiday beverage that has been known to lure many naïve merrymakers into making fools of themselves at office Christmas parties. The sweet, creamy concoction is said to owe its heritage to posset, an English drink that early Americans adapted to create eggnog. In The Complete Book of Spirits, Anthony Dias Blue wrote, “[George] Washington’s two favorite drinks were eggnog and rum punch, both of which were served at almost all events in the colonies during…the War of Independence.” Though various recipes exist, the base for eggnog almost always consists of eggs, cream, sugar, and vanilla. And though it most often is mixed with rum, bourbon and whiskey are common alternatives. WHERE?

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On the Menu: 8th Annual Greens Holiday Party

ornaments It's never too early to get your holiday cheer on, especially if fantastic food and cocktails are involved! Come help us kick off the season at the 8th annual Greens Holiday Party. Even if your inner Grinch is recoiling, we're sure the menu below will make you have a change of heart. The festivities start at 6:00 P.M. sharp on Sunday, December 6, at the historic James Beard House. Call 212.627.2308 to reserve. Cocktails by Michael Waterhouse of Dylan Prime and Drink Tank Ltd., NYC Bull Dog Cinnamon Pear > Bull Dog Gin, Maple Syrup, Fresh Pear, Cinnamon, and Lemon Pepper Bull > Bison Grass Vodka, Apple Cider, and Freshly Ground Black Pepper Rhubarb Sparkle > Aperol, Rhubarb Bitters, and Cinzano Sparkling Wine Stella Artois, Hoegaarden, and Leffe Blonde Twin Vines Vinho Verde 2008 Periquita 2006

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