JBF Award Winner Hugh Acheson’s Seed Life Skills: Home Ec for the Digital Age

Photo by Jason Hales


Despite a to-do list that includes overseeing his string of lauded Georgia restaurants, guest-judging on Top Chef, and writing best-selling cookbooks, JBF Award winner Hugh Acheson recently launched a nonprofit, Seed Life Skills, which aims to teach middle schoolers how home economics can prepare them for healthier and happier futures. We spoke with Acheson about his work-life balance, what the next generation of Americans really needs to know, and what home ec means in the information age.




JBF:  Between your restaurants, cookbooks, and television appearances, you’re a pretty busy guy. How do you balance all of your responsibilities? What’s a typical day in the life of Hugh Acheson?


Hugh Acheson: I work from home and on planes, at restaurants, at coffee shops, in Delta... Read more >

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