Throwback Thursday: Happy (Almost!) Birthday, Julia Child!

James Beard and Julia Child


Tomorrow, Friday, August 15, would have been culinary icon (and James Beard's dear friend) Julia Child's 102nd birthday. To mark the occasion, we're sharing the cover of the Summer/Fall 1998 issue of Beard House magazine—which happened to be the "Culinary Education Issue"—featuring the duo. After Beard's death in 1985, it was Julia Child who came up with the idea to preserve his townhouse in New York City. "We need such a place as the Beard House in New York, where we can meet and commune and dine and celebrate—and where we can honor our generous patron saint, James A. Beard," she said. For her brilliant idea to preserve her friend and mentor's home, and for her indelible mark on the American culinary landscape, we're grateful to the late chef, author, and television personality. Happy birthday, Julia! 

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The Bookshelf: Julia Child's The French Chef

Julia Child's The French Chef

Now that we inhabit a supersaturated food-media world of flawless camera-ready meals, secret ingredients, and down-to-the buzzer cooking, it's no surprise that the pioneers of the genre can be overshadowed by their flashier descendents. So when Dana Polan, professor of cinema studies at New York University, came by last week's Beard on Books to discuss his latest book, Julia Child's The French Chef, we asked him some questions about Child, her groundbreaking cooking show, and the evolution of the medium.   James Beard Foundation: You write that viewers of food television in the 1960s, which was a very volatile era, took comfort in the predictability of cooking shows. Today’s food shows are more suspenseful; we don’t know if the contestants on Chopped will actually finish the dish. What

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News Feed: August 12

The big news in NYC today is the 4-star review of 11 Madison Park in today's New York Times, but here's what else is going on: 10 ways to barter for food [Chow] ...and more on trading veggies [NYT] Why Julia dissed Julie (spoiler alert!) [LAT] Butchers offer cooking tips [WSJ] Dining deals in Vegas [WP] Ice cream and architectur

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Awards Watch: Julie, Julia, and JBF Award Winner Rick Nelson

Beard medallion At the 2005 Media Awards, food writer Rick Nelson picked up his first Beard Award. But that wasn’t the only thing that made the night memorable. Today he recounts his memorable run-in with Julie Powell at the 2005 JBF Media Awards.

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