Recipes: Fourth of July Desserts

Claudia Fleming’s Shortcake Biscuits with Rosé-Poached Rhubarb Give your Fourth-of-July table the colors of the Stars and Stripes with these red, white, and blue desserts. Chamomile Panna Cotta Top this delicately perfumed panna cotta with a simple blueberry compote. Shortcake Biscuits with Rosé-Poached Rhubarb Cooked egg yolks are the secret weapon in these tender shortcakes from JBF Award winner Claudia Fleming. Strawberry Pavlova The national dessert of a different colony, this pavlova from chef Ben Batterbury is loaded with strawberries and

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This Month's Best Recipes

pissaladièreDoug Filoni's pissaladière

Here are our recipe tester's favorite recipes from the past month:

Pissaladière Enjoy a taste of Provence with this traditional puff pastry–based tart, which is topped with anchovies, olives, and goat cheese.

Braised Rabbit with Herbed Dumplings Succulent rabbit, tender choux dumplings, and whatever you fancy from the farmers' market.

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Recipe: Strawberry Pavlova with Saffron Custard

Strawberry Pavlova with Saffron Custard Like an elaborate ballgown, this gorgeous pavlova from New Zealand chef Ben Batterbury surprises and delights with its many beautiful layers. A savory saffron custard anchors the meringue, creamy mascarpone cuts through its sweetness, and a generous topping of ruby red strawberries makes it a dinner-party showstopper. Get the recipe here.

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Fourth of July Desserts: Something Red, Something White, and Something Blue

Tri-Star Strawberry Shortcake Tri-Star Strawberry Shortcake with Corn Biscuits One of our favorite bites from last year's Chefs and Champagne, Colleen Grapes's take on this summertime classic proves that deliciousness is in the details. The shortcake is studded with sweet corn kernels, a vanilla–lemongrass infusion helps the strawberries shine, and honeyed whipped cream tops it all off. Fennel-Scented Pavlova OK, so this

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Eye Candy: Cooking for Haiti

pavlova Eric Hara of the Oak Room served this lemon pavlova, lemon sorbet, and rose water syrup dessert at last week's Beard House benefit for Haiti. The dinner raised over $4,000 for the International Rescue Committee and its support of the country's earthquake victims. See more photos from the evening here. (Photo by Bobbi Lin)

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Eye Candy: Beard House

Chefs with pavlova Three members of Adrian Richardson's crew relax at the end of a night's work and dig into some of the pavlova that diners enjoyed for dessert. In case you missed it earlier this month, we've got the recipe right here. September 2, 2009, The Beard House, NYC (Photo by Eilon Paz)

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Recipe: Pavlova

Pavlova Last night Australian chef Adrian Richardson served this light and sweet pavlova at the Beard House. Delightful in its textural contrast—a bite into the crunchy exterior exposes a gooey center that mimics marshmallow—the dessert is a joy to eat. Richardson tops his with mascarpone and passion fruit, but any light fruit will do.

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Eat this Word: Pavlova

PavlovaWHAT? Dancer's dessert. Named for the world-famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, this fruit, whipped cream, and meringue dessert is claimed by rival nations. Aussies have long considered it their national dessert, but New Zealanders argue that they invented the Pavlova, and they back up their claim with citations from cookbooks. The dancer toured both countries in the late 1920s. In Perth, Australia, she stayed at the Esplanade Hotel, whose chef, Herbert Sachse, is often credited with creating the dessert some six years later. Supposedly the Pavlova acquired its name after someone proclaimed his dessert was "as light as Pavlova." Others think the name stems from the fact that the ring-shaped meringue resembled Pavlova's frilly, white costume in her most famous role, the Dying Swan. Pavlovas—which are showing up on American tables of late—are traditionally filled with passion fruit. WHERE?

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