Reel Food: Vegetarianism According to Momofuku

Last week David Chang and the Momofuku crew did the unthinkable and cooked a vegetarian menu at the Beard House. But striking meat from the meal couldn't knock the team off their game, as Chang's creative, freewheeling approach to food remained on full throttle. Check out the video to see his colleague, Peter Serpico, explain their take on pea soup: Here is a photo of the final dish—Pea Soup with Dashi, Burnt Pea Tendrils, and Honeydew Melon and Watermelon Balls:

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Eye Candy: Beard House

Spring Pea Soup

A crew member tops shot glasses of spring pea soup with jamón ibérico froth during a dinner prepared by Mitchell Altholz of Highlawn Pavilion and the Manor in New Jersey.

June 1, 2009, The Beard House, NYC

(Photo by Bobbi Lin)

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