Adam Sachs: Dining in NYC

Frequent JBF Journalism Award winner, New Orleans writer Brett Anderson on what makes dining in NYC special: "I got to town and went to dinner at Graydon Carter's place, the Waverly Inn. I sat next to the rapper Nas. He was with some beautiful women and I thought he was married. Then I get in a taxi and you know they have these TVs? Well theres a news thing about Nas and how he and his wife have split."

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Jody Williams: Guess where?

The Greenwich Village pack (a group chefs including myself) admits that we keep 105 Christopher Street local locale a secret---the best Tuscan in town is a women owner chef with 8 tables.

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Awards Watch: America's Classics

The black-tied chefs here tonight who toil in fine dining kitchens have no doubt earned the honors they receive, but there's a special place in everyone's heart for the winners of the America's Classics. These local eateries are fixtures in their communities. They are the places you want to eat should you find yourself in the neighborhood. Most have been around for generations. And they serve the sort of down-home, delicious food that James Beard loved. Here is a complete list of the more than 60 recipients who have received this special award.

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