Ask a Chef: Maria Hines

Maria Hines Now in its fourth year of operation, Seattle's Tilth continues to get high marks for its sustainable practices and delicious food. Executive chef and owner Maria Hines obviously has a clear vision of what great cooking can be, and that's why we knew she would give us fantastic recommendations for dining in the Emerald City.

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Dumpling Roundup

JBF loves dumplings Thanks to everyone who shared their favorite dumpling joint with us yesterday. After an exhaustive analysis of the results, "Erwin Chuk' and "subie38" have emerged as the winners of the official NYC Dumpling Festival t-shirts. Congrats! Many spots in New York City's Chinatown got a mention, including Vanessa's Dumplings, Joe's Shanghai, and New Green Bo. Bostonians enjoy Wang's Fast Food, while Petite Soo Chow sates our fellow dumpling fiends in the Garden State. Down in Atlanta Chef Liu and Northern China Eatery both serve soup dumplings held together with a perfect skin. Out West, a reader loves the dumplings served during the Cantonese-style dim sum service at Koi Palace, located just south of San Francisco. In the somewhat dumpling-deprived city of Sacramento, New Canton does the trick. And for delicious pork dumplings with a view, head to China

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