On the Menu: Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Here’s a taste of what’s on tap today at the Beard House.

Bay Area Seafood Sophisticate, 7:00 P.M.
Matthew Dolan, Twenty Five Lusk and Tap [415], San Francisco

At his pair of superb San Francisco eateries, chef and co-owner Matthew Dolan combines his classic European technique with Northern California ingredients and sensibilities. For his Beard House reprise, Dolan will delight seafood lovers with a decadent and sustainability-minded feast, featuring dishes like Organic Beef Short Rib Pop Tarts with Cherry Tomato Candy; Cinnamon-Smoked Halibut with Crispy Fig Leaves, Pickled Avocado, Ramps, Uni, Goat Butter Powder, and Rye Crisp; and Sous Vide New York Strip Steak with Potato Waffle, Black Pepper–Tomato Jam, and Savory Maple Reduction that prove just how delicious conscious consumption can be.
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Beard House Recipe: Spiced Butternut Squash Cake with Brown Butter Caramel

Photo by Jeff Gurwin


Mid-Atlantic beachgoers revere the Delaware coast for its relaxed vibe, beautiful surf, and fresh seafood—perhaps the best of which can be found at SoDel’s empire of coastal-inspired kitchens, which dot the shoreline. At his recent Beard House dinner chef Doug Ruley cooked up a sumptuous spread of his signature “farmer-meets-fisherman” style, but when it came to the dessert course, Ruley revealed a decidedly terrestrial sweet tooth. The grand finale of the evening was this butternut squash cake, which adds a savory tinge of curry powder to the typical seasonal spice assortment of cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. Doused in a luscious brown butter caramel and served à la mode with apple–walnut ice cream (an optional but thoroughly recommended addition), baking up this over-the-top treat at home will make getting your daily vegetables... Read more >

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On the Menu: Thursday, March 10, 2016


Here’s a taste of what’s on tap today at the Beard House and around the country.


JBF Greens Presents New Zealand Wine Fair 2016, 6:30 P.M.

The James Beard Foundation Greens (foodies under 40) are joining up once again with New Zealand Winegrowers for a walk-around tasting of the country’s celebrated vines and vineyards. The event will include sips from more than 30 producers, including stellar 2015 vintages, many of which will be poured for the first time. A roster of ace New York City chefs will also be on hand, preparing delicious bites that will complement what's poured. Get a taste of hot spot Bodega Negra with Pork Belly Tacos with Salsa Verde Cruda and try your first savory Beijing crêpe from Mr. Bing. 

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Wine Wisdom: Perfect Seafood Pairings


Who better to give guidance on what to pour with fish, crustaceans, mollusks, and more than the team from New York City’s iconic Grand Central Oyster Bar? Below, general manager Jeremy Gatto shares his pairing recommendations for all of your seafood needs. 


Classically speaking, Muscadet pairs best. Stout beer and sparkling wine (especially Champagne) also work really well. West Coast oysters tend to be creamier, so I like flabbier wine, such as Chardonnay. East Coast oysters tend to be brinier, so wines that are high in acid pair well, like dry Rieslings and Muscadet.


Rich Shellfish (e... Read more >

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Video: James Beard's Recipe for Cioppino


We've partnered with Simmer, a new app that allows you to generate step-by-step recipe videos that you can create, watch, and share from your very own kitchen. In the coming weeks and months, we'll continue sharing instructional videos that will teach you how to create tantalizing dishes from JBF Award winners, Beard House chefs, and even Beard himself, all prepared in James Beard's historic New York City kitchen.

Growing up in Oregon, James Beard was raised on the seasonal bounty of the Pacific ocean, so it’s no surprise that cioppino was one of his favorite ways to highlight seafood. The dish originates in San Francisco, where Italian immigrants infused the local daily catch with the flavors and philosophy of their native cuisine. The result is a light tomato-based stew, versatile enough to be made all year long. Watch the video... Read more >

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Recipe: Rocco DiSpirito's Tuna Crudo


Rocco DiSpirito deftly demoed this tuna crudo with lemon, Italian chiles, and capers that he served at our Taste America dinner in Miami, dispensing useful cooking and nutrition tips at the same time. A self-described “former butter-holic,” DiSpirito says he’s now “healthier than he’s ever been,” insisting that “if you change your diet and lifestyle, you can reverse any sickness.” Want to try your hand at the All-Star's vibrant crudo? Get the recipe here.


For tickets and more information about the chefs and vendors appearing, check out jbftasteamerica.org. Follow us on Twitter... Read more >

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What We're Reading: September 29, 2015


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Sustainability Matters: August 21, 2015


Oyster week education: learn how your favorite bivalves benefit our shoreline. [Edible Brooklyn]


Celebrated Seattle chef Renee Erickson talks climate change, sustainable seafood species, and ocean acidification. [Grist]


It’s time to give your organic fruits and vegetables a second rinse: they could be covered with fracking wastewater. [Mother Jones]


Rising amounts of organic foods are being recalled because of bacterial contamination. [... Read more >

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Eye Candy: Yonsei Oysters with Uni, Ikura, and Ponzu


Chef Kyle Itani honed his skills at Yoshi’s in San Francisco before moving across the Bay to open Hopscotch Oakland, where he serves simple but artfully conceived American fare with Japanese touches. The cozy restaurant earned a three-star review from San Francisco Chronicle food critic Michael Bauer, who raved that Hopscotch “deserves a huge following.” And after his recent Beard House dinner, you can count us in as one of his many fans. We were wowed by his signature Yonsei oysters with creamy uni, briny ikura, and citrusy ponzu. A hit amongst many, chef Itani's regional American fare was replete with surprising and inviting Asian flavors.


View this event's menu and details ... Read more >

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What We're Reading: June 22, 2015


Holy guacamole: researchers are developing a leukemia-fighting drug from a chemical found in avocados. [FWF


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Should you actually pay attention to sell-by dates? [LAT


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