'Gram Worthy: Hong Kong Coconut Buns with Roasted Strawberries and Black Vinegar


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At last weekend's 25th anniversary of Chefs & Champagne®, our annual summer tasting party in the Hamptons, we honored television personality, chef, and cookbook author Carla Hall​ with flowing... Read more >

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5 Easy Ways to Use Up Summer Fruit Before It Goes Bad


Summer fruit is so precious and fleeting, sometimes it can be hard to hold back at the market. We come home loaded down with baskets of cherries and blueberries, quarts of tiny plums and fuzzy peaches. And inevitably some of it ends up crossing the line between peak ripeness and too-mushy-to-eat-raw, and we toss it. But this summer, make it your mission not to let over-ripe fruit go to waste. Transform those bruised nectarines, mushy apricots, and smashed strawberries into jams, scones, homemade cocktails, smoothies. Make the most of the season. Leave no stone fruit unturned. Here's how:


1) Make a hodgepodge compote: peel and dice whichever fruits have become mushy and over-ripe: peaches, apricots, cherries, rhubarb, it doesn't matter. In a medium saucepan, combine the fruit, a squeeze of lemon, and a couple of heaping tablespoons of granulated sugar. Simmer on low heat until the fruit has broken down and the mixture is beginning to thicken, about 10-15 minutes. Taste. If it's too... Read more >

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Video: How to Make James Beard's Strawberry Shortcake


We've partnered with Simmer, a new app that allows you to generate step-by-step recipe videos that you can create, watch, and share from your very own kitchen. In the coming weeks and months, we'll continue sharing instructional videos that will teach you how to create tantalizing dishes from JBF Award winners, Beard House chefs, and even Beard himself, all prepared in James Beard's historic New York City kitchen.


Now that it's (finally!) strawberry season, we're faced with the fortunate conundrum of what to make with one of summer's sweetest gifts. We... Read more >

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Recipe: Crespelle with Red Wine Strawberries and Ricotta

Recipe for Crespelle with Red Wine Strawberries and Ricotta


Crespelle: it's how the Italians do crêpes. This version calls for "00 flour" (or doppio zero, as they say on the boot), a powder-fine flour that yields an exceptionally delicate pancake. We recommend splurging on a premium ricotta for the filling, and since it's full-on strawberry season right now, you should be able to get some fine fruit, too. Get the recipe here.



Anna Mowry is special projects manager at the James Beard Foundation. Find her on Twitter and Instagram.

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Recipe: Vanilla–Pisco Flan with Roasted Strawberries

Recipe for Vanilla–Pisco Flan with Roasted Strawberries


In this elegant dish from chef Ricardo Zarate, an otherwise standard-issue flan gets a hit of mosto verde pisco, a highly prized South American brandy that's distilled from partially fermented grape must. The finished custards are topped with strawberries that have been roasted in brown sugar, lemon, honey, and more brandy. Get the recipe here.

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Recipes: Strawberry Picking


A strange thing happens to many of us when we find ourselves face-to-face with a U-Pick field of June-ripened strawberries. Brought on, perhaps, by our intermittent modern-day exposure to nature and certain romanticized notions about the realities of farmwork and the size of our refrigerator's crisper drawer, we pick pounds and pounds of strawberries, filling our baskets until they overflow with the sweet, sun-warmed fruit.


Once we get home, reality sets in. We have three to four days to make the most of the endless pile of berries we've amassed before they start to go bad, thereby wasting an enormous amount of food and crushing any fantasies we may have harbored about our own old-fashioned resourcefulness. But here's the good news: strawberries cook down. A lot. So all we really need are a couple of hours in the kitchen and a few simple recipes, like the ones we've put together below, and our picking frenzy will be vindicated. Until blueberry season, that is.

 ... Read more >

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What We're Reading: July 17, 2014



Salt and vinegar, barbecue, and … cappuccino? Lay’s offers up new consumer-created flavors. [Food Beast


One man’s quest for the nation's best ballpark hot dog. [Smithsonian


The latest yogurt innovation: buffalo milk. [The Globe and Mail


Dip into some nut butter trivia. [Food Republic


Why do we refrigerate our eggs? [ABC


Why your... Read more >

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Ingredient Spotlight: Green Strawberries

green strawberries


When strawberries arrive at markets in spring, brightening folding tables like rescue flares, they affirm the mantra of the seasonal eater: good things come to those who wait. But some chefs have intercepted the fruits before peak ripeness, and now green strawberries, more tart and acidic than their red elders, are showing up on menus at the Beard House and at high-end restaurants around the country.  


Whether it signals a new, more subtle shading on the palate of seasonality, or a more elastic idea of what's edible, the trend itself has been developing for a while: in the first season of The Mind of a Chef, aired in 2012, René Redzepi improvised a dish of raw scallops, pea juice, and raw green strawberry slices for David Chang.

 ... Read more >

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Recipe: Crespelle with Red Wine Strawberries and Ricotta

Cullen Campell's recipe for Crespelle with Red Wine Strawberries and Ricotta, adapted by the James Beard Foundation


Crespelle may sound exotic, but if you've ever tucked into a crêpe, you already know a good deal about this delicate Italian pancake. Just like their French analogs, crespelle are made by pouring a paper-thin layer of batter into a nicely oiled pan, cooking it until golden on both sides, and wrapping the cake around sweet or savory fillings.


In this recipe, chef Cullen Campbell loads fresh ricotta and wine-soaked strawberries into crespelle made with 00 flour, a powder-fine Italian flour that yields a more tender pancake. We like to macerate our berries in a fruit-forward Nebbiolo from Piedmont.


... Read more >

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