Sustainability Matters: August 28, 2015



Despite the drought, California winemakers have continued to prosper and think outside of the box. [NYT]


Massachusetts stays one step ahead: a new ballot measure could require cage-free eggs, pork, and veal. [MF]


Sweden’s ocean ambassador insists that putting a price on natural capital could be the key to conservation. [Grist]


High-quality and low-carbon: food waste and beef fat can be used as renewable jet fuel. [... Read more >

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Field Trip: Food, Wine, and Music at San Francisco’s Outside Lands

fatted calf The weather defied everyone’s expectations—80-degree days are a real rarity in San Francisco. Perhaps that’s what had everyone in such high spirits at Outside Lands. Of course, it could also have been the amazing music, great food, and stellar wines. Music might have been the main draw, but we were content to spend our Festival days at the Outside Lands wine tent, sampling California wines and pairing them with some of the great food offerings (think Cowgirl Creamery’s Mt. Tam, Hog Island oysters barbecued or on the half shell, and Fatted Calf sausage sandwiches). The dish that had

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Field Trip: Winehaven at Outside Lands

The Winehaven tent at Outside Lands is going to be packed with some of California's best winemakers, all serving their favorite blends and vintages. To familiarize ourselves with what's to come we took some time to interview a few of these talented vintners. First up, Morgan Twain-Peterson from Bedrock Wine Co. He may only be 28, but Morgan has been making wine for more than 20 years. He grew up among the vines at Ravenswood, his father's winery,  and it proved to be an excellent classroom. Morgan began making small lots of Pinot Noir at the age of five. Vino Bambino Pinot Noir, as the wine came to be known, was made from 1986 to 2001 and has been featured on the wine lists of Craft, Gramercy Tavern, and Blue Hill as well as other fine-dining establishments. At Bedrock, he is intimately involved in every stage of producing his small lot, heirloom wines. We asked Morgan about making wine in California, the

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Field Trip: San Francisco’s Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival

0827_outsidelands_427x318 Next week, the Beard Foundation is taking a rather unusual field trip—to a music festival. It might sound like an odd match at first, but hear us out. Outside Lands takes place in one of America’s greatest food cities, San Francisco, and that important fact hasn’t been overlooked by its creators. They are giving the wines and food of California top billing with Winehaven and A Taste of the Bay Area. Twenty-five wineries, from big name trailblazers like Au Bon Climat and Bonny Doon to the next generation of

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