What We're Reading: September 24, 2014


For the Goldilocks in all of us: an in-depth guide to oatmeal. [The Kitchn


Turns out that gut bacteria might also be impacting your brain. [The Atlantic


A new cookbook highlights the role of women in Mexican cooking. [NYT


Poultry companies are switching from controversial antibiotics to probiotics for their chickens. [... Read more >

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JBF on the Air: Laura Shapiro

Laura Shapiro on Taste Matters with Mitchell Davis


Our recent Women in Whites gala is a wrap, but we're not done celebrating and contemplating the impact of female chefs on American food. On yesterday’s episode of Taste Matters, JBF’s Mitchell Davis invited author, journalist, and culinary historian Laura Shapiro on the air to discuss how women's roles behind the stove have evolved over the years. The pair discussed the food culture of the 1950s and how it dramatically changed our culinary landscape, how the idea of a quick, timed lunch was introduced into American culture in the early 1900s and its impact on our perception of food, and much more. To listen to the full episode, click here.

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Rebroadcast of "Top Women in Food" Panel and Live Chat


If you attended this year's National Restaurant Association Show, you may have caught a panel called "Secrets of Success From Top Women in Food", featuring restaurateur Rohini Dey, chef Mary Sue Milken, chef Lorena Garcia, and our very own Susan Ungaro. If not, you can catch a BrainFeed-hosted rebroadcast of the panel next Wednesday, October 16, as well as an accompanying live chat with all of the panelists. Tune in to hear these professionals' personal success stories, ideas for creating and advancing female leaders in the food world, and even some cooking tips. You can also submit your own questions for the panelists to answer in the live chat.


Register for the rebroadcast and live chat here

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The Women in Culinary Leadership Cookoff

Judges Aarón Sánchez and Rohini Dey evaluate a competitor's dish


Last week we headed up to Vermilion restaurant to judge the Women in Culinary Leadership Cookoff. Part of the Women in Culinary Leadership Program, which was launched by JBF and Vermilion restaurateur Rohini Dey last year, the competition was created to identify driven and aspiring female cooks and to help them develop leadership and culinary skills. Entrants had to submit a resume, essay, and recipe for one contemporary Indian–Latin dish. Eight finalists executed their recipes in the cookoff, which was judged by Ms. Dey, JBF president Susan Ungaro, chef Aáron Sanchez, and Dorothy Cann Hamilton of the French Culinary Institute.

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JBF and Vermilion Link Up to Promote Women Culinary Leaders


If you've been following our president's latest appearances in the press, you'll know that JBF is committed to promoting the work of women in the culinary world. Now, thanks to an opportunity to collaborate with Vermilion restaurant, we're about to take some big steps to grow our work in this area. On September 18, we're joining Vermilion's founder and owner, Rohini Dey, to host an exciting panel discussion about the rarity of women in leadership roles in the industry. Some powerful female talent will join Ungaro and Rohini on the panel, including Martha Stewart, Lidia Bastianich, International Culinary Center founder and CEO Dorothy Hamilton, and Martha Teichner of CBS News. The event, which is open to the general public, will also include a five-... Read more >

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Jody Williams: Guess where?

The Greenwich Village pack (a group chefs including myself) admits that we keep 105 Christopher Street local locale a secret---the best Tuscan in town is a women owner chef with 8 tables.

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Louise McCready: Mary Sue Milliken breaks it down

"There once was a day when seeing a woman in the kitchen was as unusual as an African-American in the kitchen." --Mary Sue Milliken Editors' Note: The above quotation contains an error. Mary Sue Milliken actually stated, "There once was a day when seeing a woman in the kitchen was as unusual as an African-American in the White House."

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Louise McCready: The great Julia

They just showed a clip of the new movie, Julie & Julia. Perhaps Julia WAS the first female chef...a clip of her practicing how to chop onions to impress the all-male classmates she was up against at the Cordon Bleu. I'm not too sure I would choose onions to practice on, but then again, that indomitable woman might not have been bothered by silly little onion tears.

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Adam Sachs: Barry Wine on women

Barry Wine is generally pleased about the whole women in food stuff. With some exceptions. "You know I make jewelry. Well Padma Lakshmi is making jewelry now too. Her line just launched at Bergdorf's, today, I think. Well I've got a message for her," he says showing off his golden baubles. "Mine are bigger. " Rings by Barry

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