Eat This Word: Canederli


WHAT? The love-child of gnocchi and leftover bread. Much of World War I took place along the border of Italy and Austria, in an area known as Trentino-Alto Adige. After the war, most Austrians returned to their German homeland, but some decided to remain, combining their heritage with native Italians to form a blend of cultures resulting in new traditions and dishes. One such specialty is canederli, also known as the “Italian Knödel.” These simple dumplings are commonly referred to as “cucina povera,” or “cuisine of the poor,” because of their cheap ingredients: stale bread, milk, flour, and eggs. The most difficult step when preparing this dish is deciding how long to soak the bread. Too much moisture can result in a fragile ball, but too much flour can yield a stiff texture. When the perfect balance is achieved, the dumplings are flavored with fresh cheese or speck to add a bit of variety, and vegetarians can add chopped spin... Read more >

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Beard House Recipe: Spiced Butternut Squash Cake with Brown Butter Caramel

Photo by Jeff Gurwin


Mid-Atlantic beachgoers revere the Delaware coast for its relaxed vibe, beautiful surf, and fresh seafood—perhaps the best of which can be found at SoDel’s empire of coastal-inspired kitchens, which dot the shoreline. At his recent Beard House dinner chef Doug Ruley cooked up a sumptuous spread of his signature “farmer-meets-fisherman” style, but when it came to the dessert course, Ruley revealed a decidedly terrestrial sweet tooth. The grand finale of the evening was this butternut squash cake, which adds a savory tinge of curry powder to the typical seasonal spice assortment of cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. Doused in a luscious brown butter caramel and served à la mode with apple–walnut ice cream (an optional but thoroughly recommended addition), baking up this over-the-top treat at home will make getting your daily vegetables any... Read more >

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Ask a Chef: Josh Brown Talks Burgers and More


A shining star in the Annapolis food scene, Fox’s Den is a cozy gastropub where Josh Brown’s modern comfort fare is complemented by the innovative beverage program curated by Tommy Burns. Next week, the two will craft a hearty supper brimming with early spring flavors, Maryland brews, and inspired cocktails at the Beard House. In anticipation of this event, we spoke to Brown about his love for classic diner burgers, the best advice he's ever received, his last great meal, and more.




What is your inspiration behind the menu for this Beard House event?

My inspiration for the menu is comfort food flavors in a more modern style. Since the... Read more >

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On the Menu: Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Photo: Little, Brown and Company


Here’s a taste of what’s on tap today at JBF.

Enlightened Eaters, 6:30 P.M.
JBF Award Winner Michael Anthony, Gramercy Tavern, NYC
God’s Love We Deliver, 166 Avenue of the Americas, NYC

V is for Vegetable

JBF Award winner Michael Anthony has been wowing diners of all stripes for years with his lauded seasonal cooking at New York City's Gramercy Tavern. While writing the restaurant’s cookbook, he found himself drawn to the most vegetable-forward items on the menu and quickly decided he needed to share his passion for produce with the public. The result of his efforts is V is for Vegetables, a new tome written for the home cook and featuring options for herbivores and omnivores alike. Organized in a charmingl... Read more >

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The 2016 James Beard Award Nominees


Didn't catch today's nominee announcement? Don't worry: we've got the entire list is below.


The 2016 James Beard Awards, hosted by Carla Hall, will be held at Lyric Opera of Chicago on

Monday, May 2. Ming Tsai will host our Book, Broadcast, and Journalism Awards, taking

place at New York City's Pier Sixty at Chelsea Piers on Tuesday, April 26.


On to the nominees!


The 2016 James Beard Awards are presented in-association with: 

HMSHost | Lexus | Mariano's 



2016 James Beard Foundation Book Awards

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Recipe: Sautéed Mushrooms on Flatbread with Braised Greens


While writing the Gramercy Tavern Cookbook, JBF Award–winning chef and author Michael Anthony found himself drawn to the most vegetable-forward dishes from the restaurant and quickly decided he needed to share his passion for produce with the public. The result of his efforts is V is for Vegetables, a new tome written for the home cook and featuring options for herbivores and omnivores alike. Anthony will serve a selection from the book at his upcoming Enlightened Eaters event, including this rustic, earthy flatbread. Combining the hearty umami of sautéed mushrooms (Anthony prefers hen of the woods or maitake) with a base of crusty flatbread and slightly bitter, verdant kale leads to a easy but elegant appetizer worthy of your next dinner party. Savory and satisfying, this hors d’oeuvre offers the kind of addictive punch of flavor that’ll have you seeing the world as Mich... Read more >

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America's Classics: Alan Wong on Hamura’s Saimin Stand


Hamura’s Saimin Stand
Lihue, Kauai, HI


Noodles are one of my most favorite comfort foods, next to rice. Saimin is an iconic local dish in Hawaii—you can’t find saimin in any other part of the world. Where Japan has ramen, Hawaii has saimin. It’s a dish that all local kids grow up eating, and Hamura’s is one of the oldest and most famous saimin shops in Hawaii. It’s been around for generations, and it still has the same mom-and-pop feel that it had when it first opened. There’s really a feeling of going back in time to Old Hawaii, and it evokes a sense of nostalgia for a lot of people.


I first started going to Hamura Saimin when I moved to Kauai briefly in the late 1980s. When you go there, you feel like you’re going to an old diner or an old fountain parlor. You go up to the counter and sit on the stools. The ladies that take your order don’t write anything... Read more >

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Beard House Recipe: Miniature Crab Tortas with Jalapeño Sour Cream and Micro-Opal Basil


Miniature Crab Tortas with Jalapeño Sour Cream / Italian Seafood Celebration


Impress guests at your next dinner party with these addictive little bites of crispy crab heaven! Recently served at the Beard House by New Jersey chef Ryan DePersio, these elegant canapés were barely able to leave the kitchen without being instantly devoured. Sweet, succulent crabmeat is gently folded with shallots, chives, tarragon, and other aromatics; dredged with a light coating of panko bread crumbs to achieve the perfect crust; deep-fried to perfection; and finished off with a dollop of spicy yet refreshing jalapeño sour cream. We asked DePersio ... Read more >

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JBF Award Winner Hugh Acheson’s Seed Life Skills: Home Ec for the Digital Age

Photo by Jason Hales


Despite a to-do list that includes overseeing his string of lauded Georgia restaurants, guest-judging on Top Chef, and writing best-selling cookbooks, JBF Award winner Hugh Acheson recently launched a nonprofit, Seed Life Skills, which aims to teach middle schoolers how home economics can prepare them for healthier and happier futures. We spoke with Acheson about his work-life balance, what the next generation of Americans really needs to know, and what home ec means in the information age.




JBF:  Between your restaurants, cookbooks, and television appearances, you’re a pretty busy guy. How do you balance all of your responsibilities? What’s a typical day in the life of Hugh Acheson?


Hugh Acheson: I work from home and on planes, at restaurants, at coffee shops, in Delta lounges... Read more >

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On the Menu: Monday, March 14, 2016


Here’s a taste of what’s on tap today at the Beard House.

Toast of the Hudson Valley, 7:00 P.M.
Tony Balassone and Pastry Chef Leslie Balassone, Calico, Rhineback, NY / Philip Canapini, Trump National Golf Club Hudson Valley, Hopewell Junction, NY


The Hudson Valley has become synonymous with the type of idyllic landscape at the heart of the farm-to-table ethos. Tonight, local legends Tony and Leslie Balassone are bringing their nationally-acclaimed, European-inspired fare to the Beard House, crafting a menu with culinary comrade Philip Canapini that showcases the diverse bounty of the Valley’s lush fields and farms. Expect sophisticated yet whimsical dishes like Savory Éclairs with Herbed Pâte à Choux, Dad’s Fresh Mozzarella Cheese, and Basil Pesto; Rock Shrimp–Fennel Flan with Bouillabaisse Jus and Cremini Crisps​; and Barbecue-Br... Read more >

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