Letter from the President: Seven Ideas for a Healthy New Year


“Eat as if your life depends on it,” said Kathleen Frith, president of the nonprofit institute Glynwood and a speaker at the 2014 JBF Food Conference. As many of you know, the James Beard Foundation has been convening thought leaders and stakeholders from various sectors of the food industry for several years. In the past the conference has addressed topics such as hunger, trust, and how the media may influence what we ultimately eat. This past fall, our fifth JBF Food Conference explored the link between food and health and how better-quality food may be the key to a healthier America. As we begin 2015, I want to share with you seven great quotes from our conference speakers that can help guide us all to a healthier new year.




1. “Families who eat at least five meals a week together are 20 percent less likely
to have children who are overweight.”

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Recipe: Baby Beet Salad with Marcona Almonds, Pickled Oranges, Idiazabal Cheese, and Blood Orange Vinaigrette

Recipe: Baby Beet Salad with Marcona Almonds, Pickled Oranges, Idiazabal Cheese, and Blood Orange Vinaigrette


Colorful, tasty, virtuous: that's how we'd describe this resolution-friendly salad from JBF Rising Star nominee Katie Button. If you already have conventional oranges on hand, feel free to substitute them for the blood variety when making the zippy vinaigrette.


Get the recipe here.

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What We're Reading: January 7, 2015


Tips and tricks to achieve a versatile fresh pasta dough. [Serious Eats]


The pioneers of food and drink in 2014, all under 30 years old. [Forbes]


The neuroscience of nutrients offers targeted recommendations for brain food. [WaPo]


Perfecting pan sauce. [Bon Appétit]


The reasons why your home-cooked meals never turn out like those in a restaurant. [... Read more >

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Expo Milano: USA Pavilion (and More!) from Above


If you've been following our previews of this year's Expo Milano, the first world's fair to focus exclusively on food, you're already familiar with the ambitious scope of the USA Pavilion. Now it's time for a bird's-eye view of the full, nearly three-kilometer-long Expo site. In the above drone-captured video, you'll see the astounding breadth and variety of Expo Milano's pavilions and facilities, which include the Future Food District and a Fruits and Legumes Cluster (1:10). The in-progress USA Pavilion appears at 2:40.


The James Beard Foundation, along with the International Culinary Center, is leading the conception and buildout of USA Pavilion, whose theme will be American Food 2.0. More on all of that... Read more >

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America Cooks with Chefs: Episode Three


After stops in Chicago and Miami, America Cooks with Chefs is hopping over to the West Coast for its third installment. In this seven-episode cooking competition, contestants will go behind the scenes at a James Beard Award–winning chef’s restaurant to learn tips, tricks, and advice for cooking more nutritious meals. The participants will then attend the 2015 Clinton Health Matters Initiative (CHMI) conference in California, where they will demonstrate their new skills in a live cooking challenge judged by a panel of celebrities.


Episode three stars Jordan Kennedy, of Arlington, Virginia. Jordan struggles with her weight and wants guidance on how to balance her health with her love of eating at nice restaurants. Having lost 30 pounds, but only to gain it back, Jordan is dete... Read more >

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What We're Reading: January 6, 2015


A new fuel for Oil Country: Texas breaks into the olive oil business. [Bloomberg


As the popularity of dogs as pets rises in Vietnam, cooks are increasingly turning to “imitation dog” dishes. [The Atlantic


The Hudson Valley Farm Hub aims to reinvigorate mid-size farming. [Civil Eats


What does the man behind the world’s best restaurant do after it closes? A glimpse into Ferran Adria’s future. [NYT] ... Read more >

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Our Favorite Beard House Dishes in December

Chefs at the James Beard House



Looking back on our final Beard House meals of 2014, a trend emerges: surprising details in otherwise familiar dishes. Below, our editors' picks for December's standouts.




Chicken Wings, Feet, and Cockscombs at the James Beard House


Chicken Wings, Feet, and Cockscombs / Mediterranean Winter Feast


I have never seen so much care given to a chicken foot. Beard Award winner Jimmy Bannos, Jr. saves these oft-discarded extremities to accessorize his excellent, sous-vide wings. The method for cooking them is something of a grim spa treatment: clip the talon-like nails, make a few incision... Read more >

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Awards Watch: Journalism and Broadcast Media Entries Due Friday

Andrew Zimmern at the James Beard Awards


We're in the final days of our entry period for the 2015 Journalism and Broadcast Media JBFA. From now through Friday, January 9, we're accepting submissions for food television, podcasts, reporting, and much more. 


Want to add your work to the mix? You can register and submit entries at awards.jamesbeard.org. Details about criteria, a list of sub-categories, and more can be found here. Entry FAQs are here


... Read more >

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What We're Reading: January 5, 2015


In China’s replica of Paris, no one eats French food. [MUNCHIES


Salvage Supperclub hopes to shift attitudes on food waste by offering dinners in a dumpster. [Civil Eats


From Negronis to “Frankendesserts,” the Kitchn examines the food trends of 2014. [The Kitchn


The egg industry is scrambling to comply with new California cage regulations. [NPR


A ranking of health foods to help motivate your New Year’s resolutions. [... Read more >

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Eat This Word: Tourtières

WHAT? French pastry. As is so often the case with French words, tourtière means something slightly different in France than it does in French Canada. In Paris the word tourtière is obscure. It refers to a generic meat pie (sometimes also called a tourte) in a pastry crust that's baked in a mold called a tourtière. (Like tagine, terrine, and tian, the name of the dish comes from the name of the vessel in which it is cooked.) In Montréal, tourtière refers to a specific meat pie, usually ground pork, that's seasoned with cinnamon and clove and baked in a lard crust. It is traditional at Christmas, but it is eaten throughout the year. There are regional variations, such as the tourtières made along the Saguenay River that are filled with potatoes, onions, and cubed meat. Whereas in France it's unlikely to find someone who has ever had a tourtière, in French Canada, just about everyone has probably had one within the last year.


WHERE? Chuckwagon Raconteur

 ... Read more >

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