Outstanding Wine Program: No. 9 Park


No. 9 Park
No. 9 Park is the first restaurant from Boston to take home this award. Wine Director Cat Silirie oversees the wine program. 

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Award Winner Recap


Just to recap, here are the winners of our first five Awards:

Rising Star Chef of the Year: Christina Tosi, Momofuku Milk Bar, NYC
America’s Classics: St. Elmo Steakhouse, Indianapolis
Outstanding Bar Program: PDT, NYC
Outstanding Wine, Beer, or Spirits Professional: Paul Grieco, Terroir, NYC
Outstanding Wine Program: No. 9 Park, Boston
To follow along, check out our livestream of the Awards ceremony.

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The 2012 JBF Book, Broadcast & Journalism Awards


The 2012 JBF Book, Broadcast & Journalism Awards were handed out Friday night. If you missed our live coverage, you can see the winners here.

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Outstanding Wine, Beer or Spirits Professional: Paul Grieco


Our Outstanding Wine, Beer or Spirits Professional Award, presented by Southern Wine & Spirits of New York, goes to:
Paul Grieco
Terroir, NYC
This is Paul’s first James Beard Award. He grew up working in his family’s restaurant in Toronto, and has always wanted to join a boy band whose members only play cellos.

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Outstanding Bar Program: PDT



Presented by Campari

PDT is the very first winner of this award. Twenty-five years from now, owner Jim Meehan says he’d still love to be doing exactly what he’s doing now, because the bar and restaurant business never gets old.

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Rising Star Chef of the Year: Christina Tosi



Our first award of the night, Rising Star Chef of the Year, goes to: 

Christina Tosi
Momofuku Milk Bar, NYC
Pastry chef Christina Tosi started dessert programs in three Momofuku restaurants before opening Milk Bar. But if she could cook anything for James Beard, it would be turkey pot pie.

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America's Classics: St. Elmo Steak House, Indianapolis

Every year the James Beard Foundation recognizes five new America's Classics, which are restaurants with timeless appeal, beloved in their regions for quality food that reflects the character of their community. Establishments must have been in existence for at least ten years and be locally owned.


Throughout tonight's ceremony, we'll be posting videos that spotlight this year's America's Classics inductees, presented by the Coca-Cola Company. First up: St. Elmo Steak House in Indianapolis.


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What Would You Cook for James Beard?

The chefs cooking at tonight’s post-ceremony gala reception are each making a dish inspired by James Beard, his books, or a particular recipe. We asked them what they would serve to James Beard himself. Here are a few of their responses: 
JBF Award Winner Larry Forgione, Conservatory for American Food Studies, St. Helena, CA
“In the spring Jim always made a weekly visit to an American Place to have my shad roe, morels, asparagus, and fiddlehead ferns.”
JBF Award Winner Sean Brock, McCrady’s, Charleston
“I would make him cornbread, tomato-cornmeal gravy, and my mom’s recipe for chicken and dumplings. I would end the meal with 15-year Pappy Van Winkle’s bourbon and my grandma’s sorghum–apple stack cake.
JBF Award–Winning Pastry Chef Sarabeth Levine, Sarabeth’s, NYC

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I Love to Eat Makes Its NYC Debut

As a surprise to our guests, playwright James Still just staged an excerpt from his one-man play about James Beard, ​I Love to Eat​, onstage at Avery Fisher Hall.


When Still began considering James Beard as the subject of his next script, he knew immediately that he had found a rich and charismatic figure who could command the stage. “With a solo play, you have to ask yourself the basic question: do I want to spend uninterrupted time with this one character?” explains Still. “I answered that with a resounding ‘yes’ when it came to all things Beard.” 


“I’ve been moved by his sense of being a performer and his desire to be famous,” says Still. “Mr. Beard loved the theater, loved the opera; his own flair as a unique performer was legendary. I Love to Eat celebrates all of that—right alongside his love of connecting with people and a love for good, fresh food, simply prepared.” 

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2012 JBF Awards Opening Video

We kicked off tonight's ceremony with the following video, which highlights how JBF has grown during its first 25 years. Take a stroll down memory lane and watch:


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JBF Kitchen Cam