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Recipe: Creamed Summer Corn

Creamed Summer Corn recipe


What We're Eating


At JBF, when we’re not thinking about, writing about, or researching food, well, we're eating it. We tapped some of our staff members to see what ranked highest on our radars, and found ourselves with a little bit of a summer sweet tooth, sampling some superlative cake, panna cotta, and not one, but two types of ice cream.



Cracking the Gastro Ceiling: Women in Culinary Leadership Grantee Eliza Martin

Martin with chef Amado Lopez of Vermilion in Chicago at the Housewares Charity event in March 2014. Martin credits Lopez with everything she has learned in the back of the house. “He is an incredible and patient chef. I wouldn’t say he’s like a dad, but he’s like a really cool uncle!”



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