Eat-Q Test: International Cuisine

Match the country to its national dish:


1. South Africa


2. El Salvador


3. Malaysia


4. Yemen


5. Ireland


6. Macao


7. Bangladesh


8. Denmark


9. Belarus


10. New Zealand



A: Saltah, a meat stew with fenugreek froth and a tomato-chili salsa, often served with flatbread


B: Minchee, minced beef or pork flavored with molasses and soy sauce, often topped with a fried egg


C: Frikadeller, flat, pan-fried meatballs, often served with potatoes and gravy and cooked red cabbage


D: Bobotie, a spicy minced meat casserole baked with an eggy topping 


E: Bacon and egg pie, a crust-covered savory pie eaten both hot and cold


F: Nasi Lemak, rice cooked in coconut milk, often served with cucumber, anchovies, peanuts, hard-boiled eggs, and spicy sambal sauce


G: Biryani, spiced rice layered with curried meat or vegetables


H: Pupusas, a corn tortilla filled with cheese, beans and/or meat, often served with cabbage slaw and tomato salsa


I: Draniki, shallow-fried shredded potato and onion pancakes, often topped with sour cream or apple sauce


J: Colcannon, a creamy stew of mashed potatoes with kale or cabbage, often eaten with ham or bacon



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