JBF Greenhouse Gallery

Located in the reception space where guests mingle and meet before meals, the Greenhouse Gallery exhibits the works of up-and-coming and established artists who work with culinary themes. Providing artists with a complimentary space to show their work not only enhances the overall ambience of the room during events, it’s also in keeping with the Foundation’s mission to celebrate, nurture, and preserve America’s diverse culinary heritage and future. Past exhibits have featured mouthwatering food photography, romantic watercolors of mealtime still lifes, and exuberant mixed-media collages.

  • Exhibits change every other month. All works are for sale, through the artist.
  • The gallery is open during all House Events and by appointment.
  • To see gallery guidelines, click here.
  • For appointments and all inquiries, please contact curator Izabela Wojcik.


Upcoming Exhibit:

James Collier

Current Exhibit:

America’s First Foodie: The Exhibit​​​

Past Exhibits:

Andre Kaulesar
Colors of Alien Landscape​​

May–June 2014
Christopher Boffoli
Big Appetites

March–April 2014
Mike Geno
Chef Plates: The Philadelphia Collection  ​​

January–February 2014
Cheryl Brock

November–December 2013
Mira Zaki
Journey to Egypt: Discovering Identity Through Food​

September–October 2013
Lynn Karlin
The Pedestal Series: Natural Beauties

July–August 2013
John Greeley

May–June 2013
Angel Tucker
Still Life With…

March–April 2013
Mia Brownell
Food Physics

January–February 2013
Toni Silber-Delerive
Up Close and Appetizing

November–December 2012
Jon Chonko
American Scanwiches

September–October 2012
Holly Harter
The Asian Pear: Culinary in Nature

July–August 2012
Gerard Puvis
Wine Label Prints

May–June 2012
Shawn Kenney

Midnite Kitchen

March–April 2012
Toni Tipton-Martin
The Jemima Code