General Manager/Owner

Jenneffer Pulapaka

Cress Restaurant, Deland, FL

Dr. Jenneffer Pulapaka is the co-owner and general manager of Cress Restaurant, a business dedicated to improving our food system, through sustainable practices, local sources, and refined flavors. 

Also as their wine director, she maintains those principles with a dynamic and elegant wine menu that showcases the food. Cress combines food & wine with professional service that makes dining a truly wonderful indulgence, so guests can “celebrate our land and relax in our community”.  

Additionally, over the past twelve years, Dr. Pulapaka's expertise in podiatric surgery has helped thousands of patients. She opened her surgical practice in 2005, DeLand Foot and Leg Center, where she currently practices. 

Jenneffer and her husband, Chef Hari Pulapaka, hosted the first Salon in Orlando, designed around the James Beard Foundation's Chefs Boot Camp for Policy and Change. She is also a 2013 participant on the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch Blue Ribbon Task Force and will host the first Seafood Watch Salon in Central Florida in July 2014. Her goal is to study, travel, drink, and eat, with others and “inspire change”.

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