Steve Tomlinson

Great Road Farm, Skillman, NJ

Working with a healthy ecosystem is what drives this farmer’s passion. After graduating from Pratt Institute he worked for artists Christo and Jeane Claude to build an expansive installation titled “The Gates” in Central Park, NYC. Working on such a large project left a lasting impression about how a strong idea can bring community together. Furthering his career as a independent artist and designer, he co-founded a design company that valued creativity and problem solving. Steven now spends his time “designing” ecological systems, raising chickens, crop planning, building greenhouses, weeding, planting, and attending farmer’s markets. Steven completed a permaculture design class, along with working on organic farms, which bridged the gap between design and local food production. Steven looks forward to strengthening his local community by growing healthy and flavorful vegetables that end up on the plates at Agricola.

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