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Recipe: Mildred's Marinated Anchovies

An avid entertainer who on a few occasions counted James Beard among her dinner guests, Mildred ...

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Recipe: Baked Fish with Savory Bread Crumbs

“Landlocked Umbria does not have a seafood cuisine,” writes Lidia Matticchio Bastianich ...

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Recipe: Fish Soup with Vegetables

I love all kinds of Italian fish soups, having sampled countless versions of zuppa di pesce, served ...

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Recipe: Spaghetti all'Amatriciana

Mario Batali's version of this traditional Roman pasta gets its flavor from guanciale (or ...

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Recipe: Gnocchi Verdi

“These are sometimes called malfatti, which means “badly made,” because they are ...

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Recipe: Pasta with Beans

“This is the heartiest dish imaginable, just the thing for a cold winter night. It’s one ...

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Recipe: Pasta with White Truffles

In his 1965 book, Menus for Entertaining, James Beard included this decadent pasta dish as a second ...

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Recipe: Potato Frittata

Similar to the Spanish tortilla made with potatoes, this Italian version of an omelette can be made ...

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Recipe: Ragù Bolognese

One of Italy’s most famous dishes, Ragù Bolognese is the classic meat sauce from ...

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