Blended Burger Project™ Campus Edition: Why We Blend

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The Blend Makes Burgers Better

Rafi Taherian, associate vice president of Yale Dining may have said it best when he acknowledged The Blend as “not just a new product, not just a line extension, but a major improvement on an existing, highly popular platform.” Here’s why other chefs and foodservice operators are adding The Blend to their menu:

Food Movement

“We are always excited to showcase our fresh ingredients, many of which are grown or raised on our campus, and the work of our students, who work in the restaurant to offset the cost of their college tuition. Winning a trip to the James Beard House would be an honor and an educational experience our team would never forget!” —Robert Stricken, Dobyns Dining Room at The Keeter Center, College of the Ozarks


“At Princeton University Campus Dining we have embraced the Menus of Change concept offering plant-forward menu options using fresh, local, and sustainable ingredients. I have incorporated many items with blends of fresh vegetables and ancient grains while reducing the amount of animal proteins to the menus we serve. Introducing these items supports my effort to take responsibility, as a chef, to do my part in protecting our environment, the future of our resources, and nourishing our students with healthful and delicious foods to optimize their performance. Along with fuel for optimal performance, it is my responsibility to guide them to make good food choices, present them options to develop good eating habits long after their academic life, and pass behavior along to the next generation as they start their own families.” —Chef Michael Gattis, Princeton University Campus Dining


“In a university setting, surrounded by fast food and quick bites, feeding college students presents the constant struggle of influencing them to choose healthy foods. By introducing the YUMami Burger, we are able to offer them a burger that looks and tastes delicious, but that also packs a nutritious punch of the many health benefits of mushrooms.” —Jorge Padmore, Montclair State Dining


“The blended burger is the wave of the future. With more hungry people entering the world every day, there needs to be a way to provide food that is healthy, sustainable, and delicious to an ever-growing population. By incorporating the abundant mushroom with a crowd favorite animal-derived protein, umami characteristics are instantly elevated, as is the overall moisture content and holding ability. Fat is cut by at least 30% (assuming you’re using a 30% mushroom blend) and several health benefits enter into the mix simply by adding mushrooms. Most importantly, the blended burger tastes great and is good for you! Simply put, the Blended Burger Project™ embodies healthy, sustainable, and delicious in perfect balance and we wanted to be a part of this ground-breaking movement.'” —Anthony Jung, University Club and Restaurant, UMASS

Staying On-Trend

“Our students love the added texture and flavor from blending mushrooms and other plant-based ingredients. Our chefs are always ahead of the trends as we serve future leaders and decision makers. The blend is a great strategy for adding flavors while reducing calories, bad fats, and carbon emissions.“ —Eric D. Ernest CEC, CCA, Executive Chef, Associate Director of Purchasing, Logistics & Special Projects, USC Hospitality

The Right Thing To Do

“It is a great way to reduce 25% or more of red meat consumption. It’s a win-win all around. Everyone benefits from this simple change: the planet, the mushroom industry, consumer health, cost savings, etc. This is the future—just the tip of the iceberg. ‘Blended’ applies to all aspects of our industry and food production.” —John Merucci, Michigan