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Dessert at the James Beard Foundation's Chefs & Champagne


Get recipes for dishes served at the historic James Beard House, cocktails from Beard Award nominees and semifinalists, and more. Recent issues featured Matt Jennings's moules frites and Amanda Cohen's beet green pesto.  

Christina Tosi and Mindy Segal at the James Beard Awards


Get kitchen tips, restaurant recommendations, and more from JBF Award winners and Beard House chefs.

Andrew Zimmern


Read about Andrew Zimmern’s ideas for improving our food system, find out what to order at the best bars in the country, and learn all you ever wanted to know about the latest food trends.

Beef tartare on toasts


Test your culinary knowledge, see pictures of your favorite chefs cooking their dishes at the Beard House and JBF Awards, and be the first to find out the latest Foundation news.