Why the Blend?

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The 5th Annual Blended Burger Project™

Through our Impact Programs, the James Beard Foundation has become more involved in the conversations around health and sustainability in our food system. The Foundation is proud of its work on the Blended Burger Project™ along with our other programs including the James Beard Foundation Food Summit, the annual Leadership Awards, and the Chefs Boot Camp for Policy and Change.

This year, the Foundation is pleased to once again partner with the Mushroom Council to host the Blended Burger Project*, which encourages chefs to create a healthier, more sustainable, and tastier burger that can be enjoyed by consumers across the country, while also educating diners about the many benefits of The Blend and the future of food. 

The Blend is an easy way for diners to take a step in the right direction without sacrificing their favorite foods, like burgers. According to a study in the World Research Institute:

Additionally, according to a 2017 study titled "The Mushroom Sustainability Story," mushroom production requires relatively low water, energy, and land space.

Growing one pound of mushrooms:

  • Requires only 1.8 gallons of water.
  • Uses 1.0 kilowatt hours of energy.
  • Generates only 0.7 pounds of CO2-equivalent emissions.

And since mushrooms are grown on vertically stacked beds, it’s possible to grow up to 1 million pounds of mushrooms per acre annually.

What are you waiting for? Reimagine your burger with The Blend and make an incredible, sustainable difference.

*See Official Contest Rules for details.