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America Cooks with Chefs: Episode One

JBF Editors

JBF Editors

December 18, 2014


We're thrilled to announce that America Cooks with Chefs, a cooking competition conceived in a partnership with the Clinton Foundation, has reached a milestone this week: the first episode of the seven-part video series is here! Each episode will follow one contestant as they go behind the scenes at a James Beard Award—winning chef’s restaurant to learn tips, tricks, and advice for cooking more nutritious meals.

Our first episode features Victoria Phillips, a working mother of two, who wants to cut back on high-calorie convenience meals that she and her husband often feel forced to prepare for their family because of time constraints. We matched Victoria, who lives in a suburb of Chicago, with hometown superstar chef Tony Mantuano of the legendary Spiaggia. Chef Tony’s decorated career includes numerous awards and honors—as well as a special distinction as President Obama’s favorite chef.

In the above video, chef Mantuano shows Victoria a colorful Italian recipe that her whole family can enjoy, and also dispenses a few tips for getting kids excited about cooking.

Stay tuned: we'll be posting new episodes in the coming weeks. For more chefs, recipes, and videos, head over to