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America Cooks with Chefs: Episode Six

JBF Editors

JBF Editors

February 17, 2015


Last month we announced the winners of our America Cooks with Chefs competition, in which six ordinary Americans—with the help of JBF Award–winning chefs—cooked a delicious meal with fewer than 800 calories for the Clinton Health Matters Annual Activation Summit. The conference judges crowned Victoria Phillips and her chef, Tony Mantuano of Chicago's acclaimed Spiaggia, as the winners.

Today we're spotlighting the competing dish developed by chef Naomi Pomeroy, who heads up the highly acclaimed Beast in Portland, Oregon. We matched Naomi with Auburn, California native Kathy Partak. A military mom and an enthusiastic home cook, Kathy often struggles with her weight, and has had several knee surgeries as a result. In the above video, Kathy and Naomi prepare a Thai-inspired, pan-seared beef with a vegetable and farfalle stir-fry. (You can watch our first five participants and chefs in action here.)

For more chefs, recipes, and videos, head over to You can follow ACWC on Twitter at @AmericaCooks, and also watch former president Bill Clinton discuss the competition during an appearance on the Rachael Ray Show.