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America Cooks with Chefs: Episode Two

JBF Editors

JBF Editors

December 23, 2014


Hot on the heels of our first episode, America Cooks with Chefs returns this week with its second installment. Each episode will follow one contestant as they go behind the scenes at a James Beard Award-winning chef’s restaurant to learn tips, tricks, and advice for cooking more nutritious meals.

Episode two follows Michael Angelo Gonzalez, a Miami native who loves his family’s African American and Cuban traditional foods, but is coming to understand that their diet is harming their health. Michael wants to make a change: he wants to learn budget-friendly cooking techniques so that he can continue to cook the foods his family loves, but in a healthier way.

We matched Michael Angelo with fellow Miami native and JBF Award winner Michelle Bernstein of the hot new restaurant Seagrape. Watch the video above to see what happened when we brought them together:

Stay tuned: we'll be posting new episodes after the holidays. For more chefs, recipes, and videos, head over to