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America's Classic: Yank Sing



May 27, 2009


Whether it’s a clam shack near the shore, a barbecue joint on the outskirts of town, or a sub shop on the busiest city street, chances are your favorite local restaurant is a James Beard Foundation America’s Classics Award winner. Each week at Delights & Prejudices we'll profile one of these classic restaurants. This time it's the Bay Area dim sum mainstay Yank Sing. Henry Chan has made it his life's work to "uplift dim sum." At San Francisco's Yank Sing he has been serving dim sum classics like har gow and Shanghai dumplings alongside newer innovations such as phoenix shrimp and cabbage salad with honeyed walnuts to thousands of diners every day for over half a century. His mother opened Yank Sing's original Chinatown location in 1958. Even as a young man, Henry knew what the restaurant needed to do in order to set itself apart, expand its appeal, and reach a larger audience. By moving to the financial district and creating a more upscale atmosphere, Yank Sing became a favorite among San Francisco's movers and shakers and a must-visit restaurant for tourists. Now a third generation is at the establishment's helm. Henry's daughter Vera Chan-Waller is in the kitchen every day, ensuring that Yank Sing maintains its high standards and traditions—and keeps growing along with the Bay Area vibrant food culture. Yank Sing 101 Spear St. San Francisco, CA Click here for a complete list of America’s Classics Award winners.