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Ask a Chef: What’s Your Favorite Ice Cream Haunt?

JBF Editors

JBF Editors

July 01, 2015


We asked some of our past Outstanding Pastry Chef award winners to tell us about their choice scoops. 

Johnny Iuzzini (2006)
Sugar Fueled, Inc

I am lucky enough to live near Odd Fellows Ice Cream, which I consider to be one of the most creative and delicious ice cream shops in the world. Some of my favorites to date: lemon meringue pie, with chunks of lemon curd, bits of burnt meringue, and graham cracker streusel, all folded into a lemon-scented ice cream. Chorizo caramel uses rendered chorizo fat to flavor the caramel that’s swirled throughout the ice cream, which is infused with cooked chorizo. 

Michael Laiskonis (2007)
Institute of Culinary Education, NYC

My new favorite stop for ice cream is a relatively new discovery for me: Terre Adélice in Lyon, France. My favorite thing to order is a few scoops of ice cream and sorbet, pairing some of the unique flavors on offer. Of particular interest to me were the green chartreuse, star anise, génépi, lavender, olive oil, and praline–rose ice creams and the apricot, grapefruit, and yuzu sorbets. Luckily for those in France, Terre Adélice also distributes retail packed ice cream throughout the country.

Nicole Plue (2010)
San Francisco Cooking School

I have two peak ice cream moments. The first, just a couple of summers ago, was at Jeni’s, the mothership in Columbus, Ohio. One taste of the rainbow sherbet and I thought, “This is how I want this to taste, always.” Then, many summers ago in Paris, at Berthillon, I looked at the menu and saw seven different variations of chocolate. I was there for seven days. I remember thinking, “I like the math.”

Angela Pinkerton (2011)
Craftsman & Wolves, San Francisco

In San Francisco’s East Bay, I enjoy going to ICI in Berkeley. They make their base in house—most shops don’t due to strict pasteurization laws. All the flavors are great, and I love that they keep up with the seasons. I enjoy the orange–chocolate chip, apricot sorbet, and shiso leaf. 

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