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Awards Watch: Readers' Choice



April 14, 2010


When the winners of our Media Awards are announced on May 2, it will reflect the backroom deliberations of our panel of judges, a seasoned but select group of media veterans. With all due respect to those bigwigs, we’re curious about who you think deserves to get the glory. So here at Delights & Prejudices we’re creating our own little version of the People’s Choice Awards, in which our readers, the Main Street consumers of food and food news, will vote for their favorite food media among our Awards nominees. We’ll provide links to the content and set up a state-of-the-art poll; all you have to do is read and vote. Our first category is “Magazine Feature Writing about Restaurants and/or Chefs.” Here are the three contenders, all outstanding in their own right: “American Pie,” by Alan Richman for GQ Richman leaves no pie unturned in his exhaustive search for the 25 best pizzas in the country. “Soul of a City,” by Anya von Bremzen for Saveur A profile of cosmopolitan Istanbul and its culturally, historically expressive cuisine. “The Last Chinese BBQ,” by Francis Lam for Gourmet A Cantonese-style barbecue chef invites Francis Lam to work in his Toronto restaurant for one week. Take some time to read these articles: which one gets you salivating, or makes you think? Let us know with a vote! We will post the results later this week, as well as a new ballot for another category. [poll id="7"]