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Awards Watch: Readers’ Choice, TV Food Personality/Host



May 04, 2011


Beard Awards: Readers' Choice

The results of our first Readers' Choice poll are in: Menton has won the Best New Restaurant category with 68 percent of the vote! Today we're inviting you to pick who you think should win the JBF Award for the best food personality or host on television. Have a look at the nominees below and cast your vote! Poll closes at noon tomorrow. [poll id="13"] Note: these results have absolutely no bearing on who will win a bona fide Beard Award. (You can read about the Awards nomination and voting procedure here.) To find out who gets the real prize, tune into Delights & Prejudices and @beardfoundation on Twitter on May 6 for the Book, Broadcast, and Journalism Awards, then come on back for the restaurant and chef Awards on May 9, which will also be live-streamed at