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Beard House Recipe: Crispy Pork Belly with Thai Curry

Maggie Borden

Maggie Borden

April 04, 2016


Photo: Jeff Gurwin

While the phrase “Montauk dining” might conjure visions of solely surfside fare, chef Michael Bingham of waterfront hot spot Dave’s Grill made a compelling case for turf-based treats at his recent Beard House dinner. Amongst a menu highlighting the best of the East End’s local bounty, including Toasted Farro with Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Spiced Pepitas, Arugula, and Aged Sherry Gastrique and Golden Tilefish with Cauliflower Purée, Chimichurri, Roasted Oyster Mushrooms, and Bay Leaf Oil, was this over-the-top hors d’oeuvre. Pork belly is flash-fried to a perfect crisp, the crunchy exterior yielding to the rich, supple meat inside. Served with a sauce drawing from bright Thai flavors, this dish will have you trading fins for trotters the next time you head out to the Island. Get the recipe.


Maggie Borden is assistant editor at the James Beard Foundation. Find her on Twitter and Instagram.