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The Bookshelf: The Curious Case of Amy’s Amazing Pink Cake



August 11, 2009


cake_200x250It was a few years ago that our colleague Phyllis first told us about the incredible pink-frosted cake she had at Amy’s Bread. I have to admit, we were a little skeptical. Cake? From Amy’s Bread? But several years later, the nostalgia-inducing, pink-frosted yellow cake with its delicate crumb has become our unofficial office birthday cake. Curiously, we've tried other colors of cake from Amy’s, and while good, none of them measures up in terms of moistness to the cakes with the pink frosting. How can the color of the frosting affect the moisture content of a cake, we’ll wonder as we take just another “sliver” and lick our plastic forks clean? Now that we have the recipe from The Sweeter Side of Amy’s Bread, our current theory is that the fondant that Amy adds to her pink frosting seals in the cake’s moisture. To confirm, we’ll ask Amy, herself, while she’s discussing her new book at the Beard House tomorrow. Join us at Beard on Books to learn more secrets about Amy’s under-the-radar sweets.