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The Bookshelf: Tyler Colman



June 11, 2009


year_of_wine4Tyler Colman doesn’t want you to stress out about wine pairings. Of course the food matters, but for Colman it is equally important to take into account your mood, the location, and the atmosphere of a situation. At Beard on Books yesterday, Dr. Vino had his audience discuss what kind of wines they prefer in various settings. Robust reds are perfect for an evening by the fire in December, while an afternoon in your beach cabana might call for a crisp and clean rosé. Let your instincts and cravings in each instance help guide you to the perfect pairing. In his latest book, A Year of Wine: Perfect Pairings, Great Buys, and What to Sip for Each Season, Colman urges readers to “drink different” and to get out of their wine ruts—stop by your local wine shop and try something new. It’s a great time for wine, with many interesting bottles out there for very reasonable prices. Colman's book is also packed with advice about seasonal wine drinking, traveling, and more. Want to know what to drink on President’s Day or where you should be traveling to try wine in October? Pick up a copy of A Year of Wine today. What is Tyler Colman drinking this summer? Check out his picks for delicious and affordable summer quaffs.