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Carol Blymire: Colicchio vs. Eater



May 03, 2010


There are a lot of old-school food media here—mixed in with bloggers and websites—so I asked tonight's Outstanding Chef Award winner Tom Colicchio about what new media can learn from the legacy of professional journalists. "It's all about responsibility. There are some websites out there that write and post the most horrible untruths about chefs and restaurateurs. I mean, they do a Deathwatch column. That's so irresponsible and wrong. These chefs employ hardworking people who depend on an income...I guess some bloggers and websites just think they can do whatever they want with no regard for the truth." Colicchio did say there are some websites and bloggers out there doing good work (and I appreciated—and nearly swooned over—the nod and finger-pointing he directed my way when he said it). But when it comes to a media legacy, whether it's in the food world, business, entertainment, politics, or finance, Colicchio says we need to be respectful of the facts. It's no secret Colicchio has a long-standing disdain for, so when we asked if he'd grant Eater an interview tonight, he said he wouldn't...that he'd rather just walk away. Ouch.