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Carol Blymire: Grant Achatz? Also My Homeboy



May 03, 2010


Sporting some hot Ermenegildo Zegna shoes, chef Grant Achatz (with his lovely girlfriend, Heather) heckled me as I tried to ask him some very serious questions: Q: What if I told you part of your presentation was that you had to dance across the stage with Kate Gosselin? A: :::::crickets::::: (eyes rolling) Q: What's your guilty pleasure when it comes to food? A: Ice cream. Any flavor. Q: What superhero power do you want most? A: (answered by his girlfriend) X-Ray vision!!!!!! Q: What did you have for breakfast? A: Juice and pizza from room service. Q: What's your favorite swear word? A: Carol, I don't swear. (At this his colleague, friend, and business partner Nick Kokonas busted out laughing. For a good five minutes.) Q: When can I come have drinks at Aviary? A: Soon...very soon.