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Culinary School at Home: How to Cook a Turkey

JBF Editors

JBF Editors

November 21, 2011



When you only cook a dish once a year (like, for instance, a roasted turkey), it can be difficult to perfect. That’s why every Thanksgiving millions of Americans find themselves poring over old family recipes and studying the November issues of their favorite food magazines before even entering the kitchen. To streamline the holiday cram session, we’ve put together a collection of turkey tips and tricks from some of our favorite sites. 1. Before you start messing around with softened butter, here's how to prep a turkey. 2. Alton Brown explains “the Turkey Triangle” and other ways to avoid the dry white-meat problem. 3. Instead of cooking turkey in a deep-fryer, say scientists, try a blowtorch to crisp the skin. 4. Ready to get fancy? Here are three new ways to season your bird. 5. What not to do: The three worst ways to cook a turkey. 6. If you’ve managed to cook the turkey without burning the house down, here's how to carve it.