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Daily Digest: February 12, 2014

JBF Editors

JBF Editors

February 12, 2014


fortune cookie

A new restaurant in Shanghai caters to American expatriates by offering American-style Chinese food. [NPR]

Russ Parsons tastes and ranks packaged sardines. [LAT]

While Barilla considers 3D-printing elaborate pasta shapes, let's travel back to the Architects' Macaroni Exhibition, where Japanese architects showcased their ideas for futuristic noodles. [Smithsonian]

Whether you're a pastry pro or a baking newbie, there's a Valentine's Day cake recipe for you. [Chicago Tribune]

At Vermont's Sterling College, students study the art of cheesemaking under the folks at Jasper Hill. [VPR]

Wine bloggers are not happy about the bottles served at last night's state dinner in honor of the President of France. [Mediaite]