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Daily Digest: January 28, 2014

JBF Editors

JBF Editors

January 28, 2014



Amsterdam's trendy "game pâté" is rumored to be made from urban pigeons. [Smithsonian

The FDA has understood the health risks of giving antibiotics to livestock for years. [NPR]

A Wisconsin brewery is testing beer delivery via drone. No word on how the technology will determine if customers are of legal drinking age. [CBS Minnesota)

A former sushi chef and a farmer have teamed up to cultivate a very special kind of rice in Uruguay. [LAT]

Could the weather on Super Bowl Sunday get cold enough to freeze fans' beers? [AccuWeather]

A Los Angeles–bound truck carrying 76,000 pounds of ribs erupted into flames yesterday. [LAT]

Pretzel sticks aren't just for eating; they also double as skewers or toothpicks! [Chicago Tribune]

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