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Daily Digest: March 27, 2014

Sunny Liu

Sunny Liu

March 27, 2014



Intimidated by the wine list at your local restaurant? Tipsi, a new iPhone app, makes it easier for novice drinkers to get wine suggestions based on nearby users' recommendations. [WSJ]

Myth or fact: is artificial strawberry flavoring produced with a compound extracted from beaver butts? [NPR]

​Can't put down your smartphone? A new beer glass is designed to keep your mobile device on the table. [NPR]

Revitalizing Detroit: how a growing culinary scene could help to boost the city's economy.  [Smithsonian]

New York City proposes a ten-cent fee on plastic bags to encourage greater use of reusable bags. [LAT]

Eat me: new "wackaging" trend has spawned informal first-person language on food packaging. [Guardian