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11 Dishes You Need to Eat in February

Elena North-Kelly

January 17, 2017


Want to know what’s cooking in American restaurants right now? Look no further than the James Beard House kitchen, where dozens of chefs from all over the country come to cook each month. From oyster po’ boys with green goddess dressing to carnitas fat–whipped potatoes with candied pork shoulder to whiskey-smoked beef tataki with garlic chips and pickled chiles, here are 11 mouthwatering dishes you'll want to chow down on during the month of February: 

  • Cracked Louisiana Blue Crabs with Meyer Lemon–Pickled Jumbo Lump Crab, Salt-Cured Crab Fat, Cocktail Claws, and Crispy Back Fin Beignets on February 1
  • Roasted Sichuan Pork Buns on February 3
  • Octopus Carpaccio with Watercress, Shallots, and Champagne Vinaigrette on February 6
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Semifreddo with Pecorino Romano–Black Pepper Sponge, Amarena Cherries, and Olive Oil Curd on February 7
  • Whiskey Barrel Wood–Smoked Wagyu Beef Tataki with Garlic Chips and Pickled Chiles on February 8
  • Oyster Po’ Boys with Green Goddess Dressing, Tahini, and Avocado on February 9
  • Squid Ink Corzetti Pasta with Baby Octopus, Pickled Pearl Onions, and Bone Marrow Emulsion on February 17
  • Charcoal-Grilled Hen with Green Papaya Salad, Fermented Fish Sauce, Fried Chiles, Thai Eggplant, and Sticky Rice on February 18
  • Black Truffle–Potato Frybread with Hazelnuts and Pecorino on February 23
  • Kabocha Squash Falafel with Tahini Yogurt and Pomegranate on February 24
  • Carnitas Fat–Whipped Potatoes with Candied Pork Shoulder, Pickled Daikon, Lime, and Chicharrones on February 27

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Elena North-Kelly is managing editor at the James Beard Foundation. Find her on Twitter and Instagram.