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Eat This Word: Sen Mee Noodles

Jennie Dockser

March 12, 2018


WHAT? Rice sticks. Sen mee, also known as vermicelli rice noodles, are a staple in Asian cuisines. The noodles were created when the wheat-eating people of northern China invaded the rice-loving south. The northerners wanted to turn the unfamiliar starch into something closer to their typical diet, so they decided to make noodles out of rice grains. Chinese merchants then brought these noodles into Thai cuisine as international trade increased in the 17th century.  

Sen mee are not as heavy as regular wheat noodles, and only take minutes to cook, making them an easy option for a weeknight dinner. Just soak the dried noodles for ten minutes before adding them to a pot of boiling water and cooking them for five minutes. Toss them into a soup, stir-fry, or salad where they will quickly absorb the flavors that surround them. Try sen mee noodles with soy sauce, oyster sauce, and scallions for a Chinese flavor; or with fish sauce, lemongrass, Thai chiles, and limes for a Thai twist. 

WHERE? Food Network Star Reunion

WHEN? Wednesday, March 14, 2018

HOW? Lamb Belly with Spoon Gnocchi, Lanna Curry, Coconut, Sichuan Chile, Pickled Greens, Finger Lime, Coriander, and Sen Mee Noodles