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Eat this Word: Wattle Seed



October 19, 2010


wattle seed

WHAT? Down Under delicacy. Wattle seeds come from the pods that grow on acacia trees in Australia. A dietary staple for the continent’s aboriginal population, wattle seeds were traditionally ground into flour and baked into a flat bread. Today the Australian edibles are prized for their high nutrient content and nutty, coffee-like flavor when roasted; in fact, the seeds smell and taste so much like java that many Australians drink a beverage made from them as a caffeine-free substitute. Wattle seeds are most frequently added to desserts—they’re particularly delicious when paired with nuts and chocolate—but the possibilities for their use are endless.

WHERE? Dewey LoSasso's Beard House dinner WHEN? October 30, 2010 HOW? Wattleseed–Seared Creekstone Filet Mignon with Herbed Frittata, Roasted Lila Onions, and Purple Haze Carrots