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Expo Milano: USA Pavilion (and More!) from Above

Anna Mowry

Anna Mowry

January 06, 2015


If you've been following our previews of this year's Expo Milano, the first world's fair to focus exclusively on food, you're already familiar with the ambitious scope of the USA Pavilion. Now it's time for a bird's-eye view of the full, nearly three-kilometer-long Expo site. In the above drone-captured video, you'll see the astounding breadth and variety of Expo Milano's pavilions and facilities, which include the Future Food District and a Fruits and Legumes Cluster (1:10). The in-progress USA Pavilion appears at 2:40.

The James Beard Foundation, along with the International Culinary Center, is leading the conception and buildout of USA Pavilion, whose theme will be American Food 2.0. More on all of that here.

View our complete archive of Expo Milano coverage. Learn more at the official website of USA Pavilion.

USA Pavilion: American Food 2.0

For more information about USA Pavilion, visit and follow the project on Twitter and Instagram. To learn more about Expo Milan, visit and follow the fair on Twitter and Instagram

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