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6 Tips for Putting the Social in Social Distancing

Maggie Borden

April 06, 2020


Taking photo of food with iPhone (photo: Jeff Gurwin)
Photo: Jeff Gurwin

ICYMI, this spring we're hosting daily webinars as part of our Industry Support learning series. The first week touched on insurance plans in the time of coronavirus, sobriety resources, a government relief programs walk-through, and more. Below, we're sharing top takeaways from our recent chat with Rosalyn Mahashin and Cynthia Jorgensen from Facebook's Strategic Partnerships team, who guided webinar participants through tips and tricks for connecting with your community and staff on social media, from fundraisers to brand building during a shutdown.

1. In a Chinese consumer behavior survey, the number one thing respondents said they would do first when the shutdown was over, was to go out to dinner.

2. If you’re open:

  • Share photos and videos of the actual food you're serving; your followers/customers at the pickup or delivery point; and how you're cleaning, prepping, and delivering.
  • Reshare photos your customers post of your food.

3. If you are closed:

  • Focus on your personal brand—are you cooking at home? Are your employees? Share photos and stories showing family, roommates, how you are living, what you're working on. Are you working on a cookbook? A new recipe? Share, share, share.

4. Post consistently: Mahashin and Jorgensen say best practices are one post or a story of 4-7 slides per day. But if you see people engaging more and more with your content, start posting a little more frequently.

5. Post natively: videos that are posted directly to Instagram/Facebook perform better than links to videos.

6. Be transparent, and be yourself! Engage with your audience and cross-promote/post their posts. Respond to their DMs if they have questions. Keep a face to your name!

Watch the full webinar for even more insights and suggestions.

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