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8 Chefs Enact Change on the Reel and in the Kitchen

JBF Editors

August 23, 2016


After receiving advocacy and media training during our weekend intensives, Chefs Boot Camp for Policy and Change alums take their personal passions back out into the world with a renewed desire to improve our food system. Here are just a few of the most recent efforts from our cadre of cause-driven toques, tackling issues as far-reaching as the future of Pacific tuna to waste in the restaurant kitchen:

Lee Anne Wong is committed to sourcing only fresh, sustainable fish at her upcoming poke restaurant in NYC. [Eater NY]

Steven Satterfield leads the movement to reduce, reuse, and recycle in restaurants. [Environmental Health News]

Ed Kenney calls on the spirit of aloha to bring us together in the fight to save bluefin tuna. [National Geographic]

Hari Pulapaka teaches the next generation how to source and cook for a healthier future. [Orlando Sentinel]

Alums JJ Johnson, Seamus Mullen, Bill Telepan, and Matthew Weingarten made New York Food Policy’s list of chefs improving our food system. [NY Food Policy]


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