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Food Reads: Ramen Currency + Melon Math

Maggie Borden

August 26, 2016


Colonel Sanders’s nephew may have just accidentally revealed KFC’s secret spice blend. [Grub Street]

This handy guide to melon math guarantees you’ll have enough slices to go around for your Labor Day fest. [The Kitchn]

All those food safety recalls are actually a sign of progress: we’re catching pathogens earlier and more frequently. [Quartz]

This three-ingredient sauce will spice up any boring weeknight meal. [Bon Appétit]

A new study suggests that instant ramen has dethroned tobacco as the most popular currency in U.S. prisons. [The Guardian]

Chopped cheese, a menu item at JBF Award winner April Bloomfield’s forthcoming restaurant sparks controversy and discussion over gentrification. [FWF]

Could the Starbucks "oatmeal latte" be the new breakfast superfood? [Extra Crispy]

Just in time for Labor Day, Saveur offers up 10 essential spice rubs for your grill-out. [Saveur]