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Food Reads: Cappuccino Madeleines + Black Garlic

Nicholas Teodoro

March 10, 2017


Cappuccino-flavored madeleines are a delicious new way to enjoy the iconic cookie (just don’t tell Proust). [WaPo]

Get further acquainted with the couscous family by meeting its delicious cousin fregola. [NYT

Why Frieda DeKnight is a name all of us should know, but too few do. [Food52]

Think of the freezer as your frozen garden, and these as the best vegetables to plant. [Bon Appétit]

A slow-cooker is a kitchen treasure, and these recipes will show you why. [Food & Wine]

Italy has extended its highest honor for pizza-makers to a former British construction worker. [Munchies]

After you try black garlic for the first time, you’ll keep going back to black. [HuffPo]

This immersive production of Sweeney Todd is offering theater-goers Mrs. Lovett’s specialty: meat pies. [Daily Beast]